HUDSY is brought to you by a Hudson Valley-based video production company that creates our own HUDSY Original films and series, and also distributes video content licensed from creatives throughout the region.

our #watchlocal mission

We're working to empower community storytellers to make compelling, innovative, and important films and videos about life in the region and deliver them to you on the HUDSY app, launching Summer 2022.

HUDSY’s team and digital streaming platform is a non-traditional business, cooperatively owned, and delivered to you by a small group of locals dedicated to protecting and celebrating the Hudson Valley’s talent, diversity, and culture.

There’s no reason the Hudson Valley can’t be well-known for a sweeping creative movement that offers a more equitable future for local artists.


Land Acknowledgment

Long before the arrival of Europeans, the Indigenous people of what is now known as New York State's Hudson River Valley were The Lenape (also known as The Delaware or Munsee) living in the lower valley, and The Mohicans (or Mahicans) inhabiting the northern valley. With immense humility and gratitude, we acknowledge that we are residing, filming, learning, and gathering in-community on the ancestral homelands of both nations. Forced off their land in the late 18th century, The Lenape now have communities in Kansas and Oklahoma, and The Mohican mainly in Wisconsin.

HUDSY honors and respects this land's Indigenous ancestors' past and descendants' present as we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all.