The HUDSY app, launching soon, will give you free, instant access to informative local stories, regional concerts, documentary films, binge-worthy shows that testify to the talent in our communities, and much more.

HUDSY’s digital streaming platform and local video production company is a non-traditional business, cooperatively owned and brought to you by a small group of locals dedicated to protecting and celebrating the Hudson Valley’s talent, diversity, recreational offerings, and culture.

There’s no reason the Hudson Valley can’t be well-known for a sweeping creative movement that offers a more equitable future for local artists.

A map of the Hudson Valley commissioned by HUDSY

Not Just a Video Streaming App

The HUDSY team is building a values- and integrity-driven movement in the Hudson Valley and believes in strength in numbers. As we grow a network of local film and digital TV professionals, we will continue to support the dignity of work and ensure artists are paid for their creative work. Partnering with local organizations, non-profits, and businesses who otherwise don’t have the means for marketing and exposure is also a priority. From the video content we are creating, to the creative momentum we’re looking to build in the region and who we’re hiring, HUDSY is committed to helping our diverse communities thrive.

Join the Hudsy Movement

The HUDSY app is coming! Meantime, you and friends can browse HUDSY's amazing video library — for free.

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Looking Ahead

HUDSY believes that filmmakers and creatives shouldn’t have to leave the Hudson Valley or suffer through mundane jobs to make a living. In addition to our HUDSY app coming at the end of 2021, we are creating an apprenticeship program for motivated filmmakers to enter into a part-time, non-traditional learning experience that will prepare them for success in media production over the course of a year.