Community Content Fund Grants

providing filmmakers with direct capital

One of HUDSY's goals is to help filmmakers bring local stories to life. As filmmakers ourselves, we know how hard it is to get passion projects off the ground, and we want to help provide a supportive way forward.

The Community Content Fund is HUDSY's first step in that direction.

The local media landscape is changing, and there are fewer and fewer resources going toward telling our stories. HUDSY believes in reinvesting in our region's most meaningful stories — together we can build a robust Hudson Valley-based creative economy, ensuring that artists in our communities are paid for their creativity.

The 2022 deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications at this time. 

Winners will be announced by the end of August.


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The Community Content Fund (CCF) launched in July of 2021 and the response was amazing. 42 applications were submitted and three winners were chosen from a pool of incredible ideas.

The three films that came to fruition are diverse, inspiring, emotional, beautiful and truly show the magic and talent that lives within the Hudson Valley. Check out our recap video to the left, and the final films below.

FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story is a55 minute feature-documentary by Nostrand Productions that follows Tay Fisher from Kingston Tiger to Siena Saint, and all the way to the Harlem Globetrotters. Tay Fisher’s basketball and life journey is one of determination, inspiration, teamwork, and down right talent - developing into one of the greats in 4-point shooting history during his 10 years on the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters. As "Firefly" he enthralled fans around the world with his "Curly" Neal-inspired one-of-kind dribbling style and infectiously positive attitude. Today, Tay shares the challenges and guidance of his never-give-up story on and off the court, by mentoring kids and holding basketball camps in his hometown. Available late-Summer on the HUDSY App. Watch the trailer HERE.


The day before she starts middle school, science whiz Ellie becomes terrified of her new neighbors dog -- or is it a dog? Javelina, a short narrative film by Louise Bartolotta, is about growing up surrounded by the magic of nature and the fear of losing your childhood wonder, against the backdrop of gentrification. The script is short and contained, taking place over the course of one summer day in locations in and around Beacon. The story is inspired by the Florida Project, Pan’s Labyrinth and Spirit of the Beehive — films about how a child absorbs the adult situations around them. Available now on the HUDSY App!

In Rock Steady Farm, a 22-minute documentary film, filmmaker Walter Hergt brings you into the world of Rock Steady Farm - a queer owned and operated, CSA vegetable farm in Millerton, NY. The filming is close so that you are a participant rather than an observer: you see what the farmers see; you see what the plants see. And you hear the farmers as they work, laugh, ache, build community, and strive to fulfill their mission to make high-quality, fresh food accessible to many while providing training and support to LGBTQ+ and BIPOC farmers from around the region. Available now on the HUDSY App!


HUDSY’s Community Content Fund Committee is charged with thoughtfully assessing each application and determining which projects were selected to be funded and created for the HUDSY App. Read about the diverse, multi-generational group of community members below, including last year's three CCF Winners.

Christopher Nostrand is a Hudson Valley based independent filmmaker, owner of a video production company (Nostrand Productions), and a college professor of digital film production at Marist and SUNY New Paltz. In 2021 he won a HUDSY Community Content Fund Grant and created FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story which will be available on the HUDSY App in the late summer of 2022. CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for this inspiring film.


Louise Bartolotta is a filmmaker and educator from Poughkeepsie and a graduate of the SUNY Purchase BFA film program. She fell in love with filmmaking in 2011 as a teen producer at the Children’s Media Project in Poughkeepsie and she’s been making DIY films ever since. In 2021 he won a HUDSY Community Content Fund Grant and created Javelina, a beautiful short narrative film available now on the HUDSY App.


Walter Hergt is a Hudson Valley-based filmmaker, visual artist, and oral historian who is passionate about making films that create vivid representations of peoples’ lives, particularly those that unsettle our preconceptions and expand our ability to see one another. In 2021 he won a HUDSY Community Content Fund Grant and created Rock Steady Farm, a powerful documentary available now on the HUDSY App.


Carl Brown was born and raised in Kingston, NY and comes from 9 generations in Ulster County. He is the President of Harambee, Vice President of the Ulster County Community Action Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission, and a Host on WGHQ Radio.


Jesus Velasquez is a SUNY New Paltz graduate with a degree in Digital Media Production and is a filmmaker in the Hudson Valley. He is an alumni of the HUDSY Apprenticeship Program (2021 cohort) and is working towards his goal of being in charge of a crew and to highlight the fascinating stories about the people that reside in his city and region.


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