OUR mission

HUDSY is a community-inspired platform with a mission to bring our region closer together online and in-person, fostering connection in innovative, collaborative, and unique ways in order to counteract the disconnection rampant in this digital world.

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In this polarized time, connection is needed more than ever, but what does connection look like in a digital world? 

watching local

The HUDSY App: Community-Inspired TV

You already shop local and eat local, and now you can WATCH local!

HUDSY celebrates the uniqueness, diversity, and rich history of the Hudson Valley by creating our own HUDSY Originals and sharing them, and films and videos created by other local creatives, on the HUDSY TV App - the region’s first localized streaming video app - an accessible place for our community to watch local films and digitally connect to get to know each other better.

bringing people together in-person

HUDSY’s movie premieres and Beyond the Screen events bring people together in-person at local theaters to celebrate film, music, dance, community, connection, and each other.

The Beyond the Screen are in-person events that are part film screening, part live performance, and part party. There will be an emcee for the evening, a DJ, film screenings, live music and/or dance performances, food and drink, networking and more. Accessibility is important to us at HUDSY, so with the help of community partners and sponsors, these events will be free to the public (food and drink not included).

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supporting local artists

HUDSY's community programs aim to bolster and grow the incredible artistic talent in the region.

HUDSY's paid Apprentice Program trains the next generation of local storytellers through our paid 6-month program, providing emerging filmmakers the opportunity to learn and gain experience in all aspects of filmmaking through workshops and hands-on learning.

As filmmakers ourselves, we know how hard it is to get projects off the ground and through the Community Content Fund we provide a supportive and professional way forward with financial support and distribution to local creatives to tell local stories that they have not been able to bring to life due to lack of funding.

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OUR values

HUDSY’s team and the video content are delivered to you by a small group of locals dedicated to celebrating the Hudson Valley’s talent, diversity, and culture.

democratized ownership

As a multi-stakeholder cooperative, HUDSY empowers its workers by providing a path to ownership and by keeping funds in the local economy.

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land acknowledgement

Long before the arrival of Europeans, the Indigenous people of what is now known as New York State's Hudson River Valley were The Lenape (also known as The Delaware or Munsee) living in the lower valley, and The Mohicans (or Mahicans) inhabiting the northern valley. With immense humility and gratitude, we acknowledge that we are residing, filming, learning, and gathering in-community on the ancestral homelands of both nations. Forced off their land in the late 18th century, The Lenape now have communities in Kansas and Oklahoma, and The Mohican mainly in Wisconsin.

HUDSY honors and respects this land's Indigenous ancestors' past and descendants' present as we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all.


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