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HUDSY is a community-inspired platform with a mission to bring our region closer together online and in-person, fostering connection in innovative, collaborative, and unique ways in order to counteract the disconnection rampant in this digital world.

To execute this mission, we have to look at every aspect of our business and how we reach our community through fresh eyes. With innovation and non-traditional approaches we can work together to bring the region closer and help individuals, organizations and businesses thrive. CLICK HERE for more details on our mission, vision and values.


Storytelling has been the foundation of connection for centuries, and in this century, streaming video is the most impactful medium for consuming it.

  • Viewers retain 93% of what they see in a video compared to 10% of what they read as text and global video views are exponentially growing, up more than 23% since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Nearly 70% of at-home viewers are willing to make the switch to a new streaming service*.

As more people continue to cut the cord and only rely on streaming platforms that don’t have local stations, it leaves very few options for connecting with your community.

HUDSY’s app offers a new, values-aligned opportunity as the Hudson’s Valley’s first regional streaming platform to share your stories with your own community through the medium of video, while keeping your resources local, off of social media platforms, and creating a reimagined and regenerative ecosystem.

*Statistics provided from Brightcove 

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Let us help you bring a story you are passionate about to life

Video has taken off and the old style of making static ads is not working like it used to. Viewers retain 93% of what they see in a video compared to 10% of what they read as text. Aligning your business with a story that speaks to your customer base is a new and exciting way to get your message out and connect with your community. 

We love telling stories and would love to work with you on telling a story that makes sense for your organization. If you have a more immediate need, and/or resonate with one of our completed HUDSY Originals (see below for samples), that is an option as well.


We envision a world where watching local is a part of our everyday lives. From our libraries, to our colleges, to our homes, we want to offer a way for our neighbors to connect and know what’s going on in their own communities. HUDSY's Watch Local program aims to partner with anchor institutions and local businesses to help bring local programming back.

Are you a library or an educational institution that would like to offer HUDSY to you members or students? Are you a realtor who wants to help connect new homeowners with the region? Do you have a place of business with tv screens and want to show more local content for your employees and customers to enjoy? Reach out to discuss customized options for adding HUDSY to your offerings.


Apprentice Program

Help us train the next generation of diverse filmmakers and storytellers. There is a lack of media arts training opportunities for underrepresented and marginalized populations which leads to a lack of an available diverse workforce and a lack of diverse stories being told. HUDSY’s Apprentice Program focuses on attracting individuals from many cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds with the overall goal of creating a path to employment for HUDSY and other local media companies to hire from.

The program is for filmmakers early in their careers with the drive and dedication to commit to a nine-month, part-time program where they shadow working professionals, help out on real shoots, attend skill building workshops, and film live events around the Hudson Valley.

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Community Content Fund

Sponsor the creation of a film by a local filmmaker

During our inaugural program in 2021, three beautiful films were created and in 2022, with the help of a generous $5,000 donation by Hudson Valley Climate Action Network we committed support four more films.

So far, $35,000 has been put directly into the hands of local filmmakers to tell more important local stories and seven filmmakers got to work on something they felt called to and were able to bring stories to life that never would have seen the light of day otherwise. With your help, we can continue to grow this fund and create more opportunities for local artists .

CCF_Rocksteady Farm (Walter Hergt)_4K_3840x2160
CCF_Javelina (Louise Bartolotta)_4K_16x9_3840x2160
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A night of local films, music, and connection.

Think film festival, meets Ted Talk, meets musical performances, meets networking with your community - all provided to the community for free with the generous support of sponsors.

More details on sponsorship opportunities HERE


One of our more requested services is capturing community events happening around the region and creating recap videos. Many of these community events do not have a budget to be able to afford to make such a video and spread their cultural message further. HUDSY strives to offer services where possible, however with your support, we can cover an event of your choosing.

Check out some of the recap videos we created over the last year.

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Thank you

Thank you for browsing through our community offerings. All of the above ultimately lead to enhancing our regional storytelling ecosystem while keeping money and attention local.

Through HUDSY's cooperative model, all support leads to directly supporting members and creatives within the Hudson Valley.

Thank you for helping us redefine how we tell stories and how we distribute equity to artists.