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Anos de Soledad


A timelapse video of a collaborative mural made by Lunar New Year, Mata Ruda and Nanook during the 2015 O+ Festival in Kingston, New York. Lunar New Year’s Web site: http://www.lnylnylny.com/ Mata Ruda on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mataruda/ Nanook’s Web site: http://www.nanookstreetart.com/ The mural is a portrait of Ninagualinga, the environmental and indigenous rights activist and Hija del Primer Levantamiento – from a photograph taken by Marc Silver during his documentation of traditional ayahuasca medicine in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It also depicts images of migration, local Kingston natural landscapes and an Inca Inti gold piece over #coal and #marble, which were natural resources mined from the area to build cities and capitals. Traditional medicine, modern technology, wellness and health divided by years of solitude. Video shot, edited and produced by Ellenbogen Creative Media

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