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Continue to Fight!


“I will continue to fight”. The message is succinct, so powerful, that Kamora Houser repeated it eight times. Eight plus minutes, the amount of time ex-officer Derek Chauvin casually knelt on George Floyd’s neck as he smothered the life from him. Half a century removed from the struggles of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. and somehow we are still fighting for simple equality for a large portion of our country’s citizens. For it is written on our beacon of hope in America, the Statue of LIBERTY, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to BREATHE FREE”. Let us all gird ourselves for battle with the robes of liberty and continue to fight, peacefully and endlessly until Black Lives Matter, so that then All Lives can Matter. As one, until we ARE one. #continuetofight #kingstonprotest #blacklivesmatter #hudsy

Director of photography | Editor | Producer:
Angel Gates
Sound Engineer | Producer| Camera Operator:
Jesse Brown
Producer | Co-editor: Allison Davis-Lamb
Assistant Camera: Aj Jordan
Music by: Caleb Etheridge
Writer: Michael Liverani Jr.
Photographer: Jenna Misra

Photo Taken by: @jenna misra
Thumbnail Edit by: Allison Davis-Lamb

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