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Everyday Expert


Everyday Expert is a locally-sourced Hudsy Original lecture series which highlights local experts and passionate amateurs alike who present on a broad range of themes, disciplines, and ideas. Each piece showcases an individual Everyday Expert who offers a compelling and thought-provoking lecture. The content of each month’s episode is different, but recurring themes are creativity, conscious-living, sustainability, nature-awareness, and community-building.  

  • Episode 1: Micah Blumenthal

    • Everyday Expert: Season 1
    • April 21, 2020
    • 23 minutes
    Micah Blumenthal explores and defines the “social architect”. How do we participate in the creation of ourselves and our society? How do we take responsibility for our ability to construct or design through our actions, thoughts, and ideas? The personal meets the universal as we question the “Us vs. Them” paradigm that underlies much of our thinking. Micah shares part of his own story as he threads together powerful ways of seeing social action and identity.
  • Episode 2: Barbara Bash

    • Everyday Expert: Season 1
    • May 5, 2020
    • 26 minutes
    Calligraphy artist Barbara Bash takes the audience for a written and visual journey through the evolution of natural forms, to pictograms, to letters. By employing traditional calligraphy tools and letter studies, Barbara offers a fascinating look into how we have shaped and been shaped by the letters we write.
  • Episode 3: David Brownstein

    • Everyday Expert: Season 1
    • May 19, 2020
    • 25 minutes
    David Brownstein presents a heart-felt story of his journey from Wall Street trader to vanguard of nature-based education and community-building at Wild Earth in the Hudson Valley. By contrasting different cultural values and practices with his own personal path and perspectives, David offers a compelling re-evaluation of how we build relationships and work together for a common culture.

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