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Everyday Experts


Everyday Experts is a locally-sourced Hudsy Original lecture series which highlights local experts and passionate amateurs alike who present on a broad range of themes, disciplines, and ideas. Each piece showcases an individual Everyday Expert who offers a compelling and thought-provoking lecture. The content of each month’s episode is different, but recurring themes are creativity, conscious-living, sustainability, nature-awareness, and community-building.  

  • Episode 1: John Michelotti - Pairing with Fungi - How We Can Improve Ourselves, Our Environment, and Our World

    • Everyday Experts: Season 1
    • May 29, 2019
    Mycologist John Michelotti takes us through the basic classifications of fungi, and how they work in indispensable ways to maintain the health and cycles in our local ecosystems. Furthermore, the chemical, biological, and physical attributes of fungi are touched upon, in relation to healing, bio-remediation, and psychology.
  • Episode 2: Decora

    • Everyday Experts: Season 1
    Decora is a rap artist and performance poet based in new york. He is best known for his unique brand of composition which blends electronic and rap music with visual art.

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