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Transformative Nature Experiences for City Middle School Students


In the city of Kingston, NY every middle school student is venturing outside for transformative, character building experiences with Wild Earth’s outstanding mentors. Wild Earth, a 501c3 not-for-profit, is partnering with the Kingston City School District to making sure all kids get outside. Connecting to nature strengthens confidence, self-esteem and empathy, and builds trusting relationships and a sense of belonging for our children. Since our founding in 2004, we’ve seen how nature immersion experiences with outstanding mentors motivates learning, leadership, and an orientation towards service. Wild Earth programs create caring, compassionate, resilient young adults and future leaders. And surely, our world needs a whole lot more of them these days! At Wild Earth, children and adults head into the woods and off the trails where they’re meeting plants and animals, learning wilderness skills, creating natural crafts, and building deep connections with friends and inspiring mentors. Our programs are designed to remember and return to our natural human blueprint to form strong connections to self, each other and the Earth. We offer unique, empowering outdoor experiences that help us each grow physically, emotionally and socially. Likewise, at a time when our planet requires diligent and proactive care, Wild Earth’s programs foster gratitude, respect, and a renewed commitment to taking care of the Earth. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS: http://wildearth.org/ CHANGE A CHILD’S LIFE. DONATE: https://wildearth.org/donate/ REGISTER NOW FOR SUMMER CAMP: http://wildearth.org/summer-camp/

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