HUDSY is a free video streaming platform and soon-to-be app that creates and distributes premier content from New York State’s Hudson Valley, celebrating the best docs, live performances, series, and events throughout the region, as well as our own HUDSY Originals. Kind of like if Netflix and high-quality public access television produced a local digital TV baby.

AHEM: Our HUDSY app is coming soon!

Diverse Regional Talent at Your Fingertips

HUDSY is an alternative to social media that we’ve all been waiting for! We're launching a convenient, centralized destination that showcases marquee video content— content about or shot in the Hudson Valley by the talented creatives who call it home. Using the HUDSY app means getting free, instant access to regional concerts, short films, informative local stories, binge-worthy shows that testify to the talent in our communities, and much more.

The Hudsy App Launching Soon

The free HUDSY app will be your convenient, all-in-one destination for the best docs, live performances, local series, short films, community-generated content — as well as our own HUDSY Originals — that showcases the talent in our region.

The app will be available on iPhone, Android, AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, and anywhere else you get your apps.


HUDSY Device Collage

Transforming Equity in the Arts

HUDSY's free video streaming platform is a non-traditional business, cooperatively owned and brought to you by a small group of local ambassadors who are using their varied backgrounds to protect and honor the Hudson Valley’s talent, diversity, and culture. We can help local artists screen their work in Hudson Valley theaters, grow their audience, and accelerate a local production's chances for distribution.