HUDSY is a free streaming platform and soon-to-be app that features premier video content from New York State’s Hudson River Valley, celebrating the region's best docs, live performances, series, and events. Kind of like if Netflix and high-quality public access produced a digital-TV baby specific to the Hudson Valley.


Diverse Regional Talent at Your Fingertips

The local media landscape is changing, and there are fewer and fewer resources going toward telling our stories.

Imagine a convenient, all-in-one app destination that showcases marquee video content— content about or shot in the Hudson Valley by the talented artists who call it home. Using the HUDSY app means getting free, instant access to regional concerts, short films, informative local stories, binge-worthy shows that testify to the artistic skill in our communities, and much more.

The HUDSY app is brought to you by a local filmmaking collective that creates our own HUDSY Original films and series, and also distributes video content licensed from creatives throughout the region. Our mission? To empower community storytellers to make compelling, innovative, and important films and videos about life here and deliver them to you on the HUDSY app, launching in February 2022.

Join HUDSY in reinvesting in our region's most meaningful stories — together we can build a robust Hudson Valley-based creative economy, ensuring that artists in our communities are paid for their work.